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partnerSHIP AND collaboration

IAPEN INDIA Association works tirelessly fighting against malnutrition through their core groups, creating awareness as well imparting knowledge through their Multimodal Nutrition Dynamics amongst the healthcare workers.

The Royal Kingdom

The Categories of Resource Mobilization, Allocation and Support

The Emperor- The Might of the ICNC 2024

  • This Category is the global sponsor of the entire composite of ICNC 2024.
  • Their treasuries will involve branding stays in every aspect of the conference.
  • It sparkles as the leader in the Exhibitions, Delegate registrations, Scientific Sessions or Workshops, recognition on the Momentums, certificates,

The King- The Lord of the ICNC 2024

  • This category is all pervading with a regal presence in scientific forums.
  • The branding will be resplendent in the Exhibitions, delegate registrations, Scientific Sessions, Malnutrition awareness campaign, welcome Kits for the delegates.

The Dukes- The Strength of the ICNC 2024

  • This category will be strongly represented in the Oral and Poster presentations just like the strength of a Duke’s personality – regal charm and sophistication.

The Earls- The Guides of the ICNC 2024

  • This category will be strong leaders in the exhibiting their innovation.
  • It is the judgment and the wisdom of Earls that run a kingdom with efficiency.
  • Guest and speaker packages, souvenir and book releases can be taken care of by the Earls

The Viscounts- The Support of the ICNC 2024

  • This Category will include all those who want to partner their brand with ICNC 2024 by exhibiting their products.

The Barons- The Courage of the ICNC 2024

  • This category will take captainship over significant events that are held as a thread to connect the ICNC dots.

The Knights- The Skills of the ICNC 2024

  • Just like the Knights values of bravery, service and skill, the Knights take the event forward into success.